Complaint Management

Reduce Complaint Resolution Time

Mistakes are an inevitable part of doing business. Unfortunately, in the life sciences and general manufacturing industries, mistakes can result in more than disgruntled customers and a barrage of Complaints; they can result in serious safety issues, even death. With stakes this high, many regulated companies are automating their paper-based customer Complaint management systems with electronic customer Complaints management software to manage their Complaint resolution process and maintain compliance.

What We Offer


Multi-page electronic form that ensures accurate Complaint data capture, the solution streamlines the documentation portion of your customer Complaint management system.

Simple Process

Simple three-step process: Complaint processing, Complaint investigation, and finally, Complaint resolution. Every step of the process is automated and documented.


A centralized location for customers to report Complaints along with a system for storing Complaints, a process for logging Complaints, a method for acknowledging Complaints .

Amazing Features

Not all Complaint Management products are made equal but our products have a lot of features that you may find useful.


Super admin can create a number of admin and can view all the different Complaint at registered admin and their respective complaint status.


Admin will be receiving the Complaint registered and has the authority to send a person for inspection and update the status of Complaint.


User friendly interface requiring minimal learning IT skill and can easily file the Complaint and check the status of the registered Complaint.

Mobile App

A user will be provided with mobile app so that Complaint can be registered from any location. A Complaint registered will to send to respective department admin.

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