Electronic Waste Management System

Disposal of e-wastes is a particular problem faced in many regions across the globe. Safe disposal of e-waste is important since it contains over a thousand materials, much of which are highly toxic. Under the Go-Green Concept TechKshetra Info Solutions have taken initiative to design and develop a software product for managing and handling the e-waste in an Eco friendly manner. TechKshetra has developed the product compatible with all the devices. The site is completely responsive and gives you the best look in any devices be it a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phones.


What We Offer

Different Portal

Different web portals are provided each for admin, department, inspection team, collection team and disposal plant.

Login Security

Each user is provided with their login credentials for security purpose and securely handling of department registration.


Certificate is generated for each request submitted and receipt for the request which is declared as e-waste.

Amazing Features

Not all E-Waste Management products are made equal but our products have a lot of features that you may find useful.


Notification is developed in such a way that whenever an operation gets performed it will be notified to the concerned person.


Automatic Mapping is enabled in such a way that a request is assigned to respective inspection and collection team.


Admin has the authority to create, edit and update the details of teams such as departments, inspection, collection and disposal.

Mobile App

A separate mobile app is provided to Department and Teams so it can be made user friendly and user can post the request.

E-Waste Online Demo

Try E-Waste demo with all the features for free.


Web Demo Link

Login Id: SOC59
Password: tech1234

Download mobile app from below link

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Web Demo Link

Login Id: KAL
Password: tech1234

Download mobile app from below link

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