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Magazines are Bigger, more colorful, with full results for comparisons and full details , The general number of pages for the magazine depends on the client. We’re proud to give our loyal readers an easy way to digitally access the E-Magazine. A new, simple-to-use Android app will allow you to read each edition in its entirety on your phone & tablet. Here’s the best part: It’s free. There’s no fee to download the app.Our team are on hand to help and support you whenever you need it.our E-Magazine is available Offline.

Geographic barriers are eliminated with the introduction of E-magazines and this is nontrivial because managing readers from other countries is incredibly difficult to do with print editions E magazines allow for a lot of flexibility in the content that can be shared. With E-magazines, institutions can skip altogether the costly and time-consuming printing process (as well as the increasing postage costs). It becomes possible to cover events in a timelier manner. Space isn’t limited by a set number of pages anymore. You can also provide a more comprehensive experience to readers including text, images (lots of images), and welcome/nurture instant feedback. E magazines especially can become 2-way communication channels. With E-magazines you can get a very good idea of what your readers are actually viewing/reading.


What We Offer

Fully Responsive

Device Independent magazine needs to reach users wherever they are and regardless of what device they are using.


The system is secured with user accounts so users have the feature to login into admin panel and secure payment option.

Payment Option

Users can download the magazines directly if it is a free version available if not then users are directed to payment gateway for paid magazines.

Amazing Features

Not all magazine product are made equal but our products have a lot of features that you may find useful.


Readers can select which magazine issue they wish to read, download it to read at a later time.

Admin Panel

Separate admin portal to upload the magazine pages in images or pdf file making app dynamic.


Admin also has the authority to send notifications any time about the new releases or any discounts available.


Reviews and feedback can be obtained for further enhancements of the magazine and upload magazine as per requirement.

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