Training ERP

Developed Effective Traning ERP

The Traning ERP ensure the better understanding of the business and its integrated tasks.Gaining expertise in any of the major business activities including Enquriy, Admissions, Fees managament, Student management, and Accounting management,others can help you in taking an edge over others and precisely turn you as an asset to the organization.

What We Offer

Different Portal

Different web portals are provided to each Traning centers and control of all the center is with admin and admin has a seperate admin portal.

Login Security

Login credentials are provided for individual Traning centers and can handle Student Enquriy, Admission, Fess management etc


Traing center can easiy keep the track of the enquiry and make the follow up. Along the getting the accurate data related to admission and fees.

Amazing Features

Not all Traning ERP products are made equal but our products have a lot of features that you may find useful.


Easy monitoring of individual Training center along with automated and quick report generation.

Track Centers

Admin have the log for SMS send wile enquiry and followups along with change of course for students by inidividual center.


Training center is provided with seperate module for account management where they can enter their payment and amount recived.


Admin has the authority to create, edit and update the details of traning centers,Course and genrate reports dynamically.

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