Water Distribution Software

Access To Water When And Where Needed

Consumers and businesses alike depend on the water supply for their lives and livelihoods. As a result, you need to provide 24/7 service – all while keeping your assets healthy and your costs as low as possible. Luckily, we can improve your water supply management.

What We Offer


Software allows companies to manage water samples and permits, comply with water regulations, and track water discharges.


Tracking the order for water and number of order received. Respectively analyzing the quantity location wise to it makes distribution easy.


User can have the option to make a payment as cash on delivery or use a secure online payment option available.

Amazing Features

Not all Water Distribution Software products are made equal but our products have a lot of features that you may find useful.


Once the order is made than the order details will be mapped to nearest delivery department so that it reduce the delivery time.


A user is required to register and get a separate account where the address details to delivery will be entered.


User friendly interface requiring minimal learning IT skill and can easily get the details of payment by bill format in mobile app.

Mobile App

A user will be provided with mobile app so that users can order with just few taps on an app. Can easily order the number of quantity and make payment.

Get A Reliable Software Product For Your Business

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